Kelowna is a nice place to visit if you are out there visiting Canada.

The environment and the vibe of this city are amazing as the people are nice and you have so many places to visit.

If you are from Vancouver then you might have some low expectations of good coffee places.

But if you look up some In your neighborhood and even go online for a good coffee roaster you would find some really good options here. 

The visible difference that you would see with the coffee scenes over here is that it is a bit hard to find the low roast in general.

In most of the coffee shops, you would see that medium to dark roast is more prevailing than light one. 

But fun fact, this case is most common in the chains of a coffee shops. If you look thoroughly you would find something worth your while and taste. 

Here are some of the good coffee roasters in Kelowna that offer you variety, taste and the best freshness you can need.

1. Bean Scene

Quite a catchy and gimmicky name for a coffee roaster. This coffee roaster is considered an OG in the coffee scenes of Kelowna as it has been brewing some since the mid-90s. 

Back in the day, this town only had these coffee roasters, people riding horses around and also a saloon. When you visit here you see a very comfortable and cozy vibe. 

They have a great and delicious selection of food available and the in-house roasted coffee is more towards the medium and dark end.

But do not let that scare you because the taste of this dark roasted coffee concoction is pretty good.

If you happen to check out this coffee roaster soon then do remember to try their carrot cheesecake. And to pair it with the perfect coffee blend, the landmark branch of this cafe sells a classic macchiato that has ristretto shot in it, topped with heavy cream. 

2. Bright Jenny

The name of this coffee roaster lives up to the ambience as it is bright in there.

Nothing annoying, but with the windows and the warm cozy style, you feel comfortable here once you enter. 

The best part, you get to enjoy your coffee both indoors and outdoors settings as well. The coffee beans here are roasted in-house and have a rich chocolatey flavour to them. 

Other than that, with the light roast option available as well you also get a fruity roast blended in. The pastries and the sweet goodies are a treat with the perfect roasted beverage.

While you are here selecting coffee, always go for the pour-over option. This coffee roaster has an incredibly talented roasting team and the special Bright Club here offers juicy and light flavours.

3. The Local Chemist

The Local Chemist is the story of this guy who used to have samples of coffee at events and now has a cafe and also roasts coffee beans.

The team of baristas here focus on high quality and serves you with a medium to dark coffee roast. The beans here are roasted in-house in the amazing Bellwether Roaster. 

This coffee roaster also has a huge espresso bar, with some amazing drinks and you can also order yourself a cold brew on a hot day. 

Do try their espresso shots when you are here as they are delicious and not mention juicy too. You can pair it or a coffee cup with their cinnamon buns as they are huge as a birthday cake.

4. Pulp Fiction Coffee House

Well, you know that the name of this coffee roaster and cafe is intriguing at best because of the famous movie Pulp Fiction. If that works for you and makes you want to visit then best but this place does have to offer a lot.

You can also enjoy book reading while you are here and the deserts are always the best part. Taste-wise, if you have had a good quality blend and coffee then this place might be a hit or miss for you.

This place is also known as a home of lattes so you do get to have a variety in that. 

5. Third Space

This place is famous since it has a unique business model as well. The coffee roaster is also famous for providing counselling services to people who are struggling with any mental health issues.

It also gets coffee beans from different roasters but that does let the coffee beans or the quality of it be compromised. The quality of the filter coffee here is amazing so you should check that out.

Even though the roast here is medium, the taste and texture are very comfortable and also very balanced. 

So this was the list of coffee roasters that do it the best in Kelowna. As you can see, some coffee places are about a balanced and light roast.

If you really can’t deal with medium to dark roast, you can always ask for a mixture or a unique blend that would take down the texture and taste of it. And you cannot miss out on the sweets here as they are also important just as the coffee you are sipping. 

There are no extra famous spaces for the good coffee roaster here but in Kelowna people do try. And if that can help you with your daily dose of coffee then you don’t have to worry about the best of the best in Kelowna. 


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