A coffee roaster, also known as a roast master, is someone who buys the raw, unroasted green seeds of berries produced by coffee plants and controls the roasting process so that the seeds have a pleasant light or dark color and aroma.

Here’s a lowdown of some of the best Lancaster Pa Specialty Coffee Roasters!

  • Lancaster County Coffee Roasters
  • Passenger 
  • Wanderlust Coffees
    Aura Espresso Room
    New Holland Coffee Co.
    Café 188

1. Lancaster County Coffee Roasters

Lancaster Country is proud to say that for over ten years, they have been producing high-quality coffees by roasting them in small batches in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Every cup of coffee, whether it’s their Vintage Blend, Lancaster Blend, or the perennial favourite Starbarn Blend, is lovingly prepared by hand. Making well is important to the people where they come from, and that’s where they come from. 

Each batch of beans they roast embodies Lancaster’s storied customs of artisanal excellence, harvest celebration, and farmer esteem. As a family, they value and uphold these customs. Lancaster County Coffee Roasters is a family enterprise with an unquenchable need for excellence in coffee. 

To make the greatest coffee, you must first find the best beans from all around the world. Then, they roast them to perfection by hand. A tasty treat that they hope will transport you back to Lancaster County.

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Website: https://www.lancastercountycoffee.com/

2. Passenger 

Passengers’ mission is to find the best coffee and tea in the world and display them in a manner that proves a fair supply chain is possible.

There is a time and a place for both coffee and tea. They brighten up the cold start of the day. They serve as a link to other employees in the office. They provide companies with an excuse to take a stroll in the afternoon.

Passengers like to begin our investigation right from the beginning. They actively promote a fair supply chain by forming meaningful ties with manufacturers all around the globe.

When their goods are ready for sale, it is with the same care and attention to detail that they harvest them. By using their exclusive preservation techniques, they can turn coffee from a perishable commodity that changes with the seasons into a historical record of exceptional harvests.

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Website: https://www.passengercoffee.com/

3. Wanderlust Coffees

Wanderlust Coffee’s mission is to raise knowledge of other cultures and encourage constructive dialogue and friendships throughout the globe via the sale of high-quality coffee that helps assist farmers and producers in other nations.

The company was created in the Year 2020 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a city that serves the whole United States. Kristina, one of the roasters spent her childhood in Guatemala amid coffee plantations, but she didn’t develop a taste for the beverage until she was an adult. 

She enjoys making things, telling tales, and sometimes singing as she works. She resides in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County, and locals there have reportedly seen her skipping to work at the coffee shop. 

Her preferred brew is the Guatemalan variety sold by Wanderlust, which she drinks in every form she can (straight-up coffee beans included).

Timm, a man of many hats, started drinking coffee regularly after discovering air-roasted coffee. He is always thinking of new ways to make his community and the globe more welcoming and pleasant places to live. A Lancaster, Pennsylvania resident, he is married to fellow conspirator Kristina. The family of wanderlust is extremely fulfilling.

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Website: https://wanderlustcoffees.com/

4. Aura Espresso Room

Aura Espresso Room was established by George Zagas in 2017. Zagas, who is originally from Greece, wanted to give Lancaster City a taste of his homeland by creating a café with a European vibe. 

A place where people can get together and enjoy some high-quality coffee and chat during a break from their busy schedules.

Since launching, the owner of AURA has added many new items to the menu, including a selection of speciality lattes including Matcha, Golden, Red Velvet, and Blue Majik, as well as a large range of organic teas and tea lattes.

The staff at AURA is dedicated to providing not just a high-quality product, but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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Website: https://www.auraespresso.com/

5. New Holland Coffee Co.

At New Holland Coffee Co., they have made it their mission since 2005 to provide a warm and welcoming environment where every customer feels like they matter. 

Not only do they provide the finest coffee in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but they also have a wide variety of other services to offer. Our coffee is famous for its flavour and quality, and they only use beans that are obtained ethically.

As one of the leading wholesale coffee suppliers in the area, New Holland Coffee Co. is happy to provide its brews to customers all across the country. 

Coffee lovers who don’t feel like leaving the house may still buy their beans and brew their delicious cup of joe. They aim to provide the most comprehensive coffee and breakfast menu in the neighbourhood.

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Website: https://www.newhollandcoffee.com/

6. Café 188

Café 188 gets its name from its location at 18 West Orange Street. Since their 2014 introduction, Anthony and Demi have hardly spent a day apart. 

They haven’t wasted any of the eight years they’ve been together doing new things and enjoying life to the fullest. 

Together, Anthony and Demi have seen the globe, raised a chihuahua and a lionhead rabbit, and, in 2022, purchased Café One Eight. Both are eager to explore where life takes them and how they can make a difference in the Lancaster area.

Anthony was born in New Hampshire and moved to the Lancaster region when he was eight years old. Anthony was rapidly affected and charmed by the vibrant Lancaster culture, and he soon found himself an integral part of his new home. 

Anthony bought the café in honour of his brother, Rob Vega, who died in 2013. A man of many hats, Anthony owns Café 118 while also working full-time and attending college full-time for his bachelor’s degree. 

If you see Anthony sitting in the cafe with a cappuccino and a blueberry muffin, don’t be shy—go up and say hello.

Demi is the nicest local girl you’ll ever meet. She is thrilled to provide Lancaster with daily homemade meals since she is a kind and kind person. Demi takes pride in creating the greatest possible meal by carefully selecting each component. Her favourite thing to do is to decorate the café for the holidays and other special occasions. 

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Website: https://www.cafe1eight.com/

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