In recent years, the specialty coffee roasting sector in Ottawa has grown by leaps and bounds. It is difficult to identify the top coffee roasters, though, given the abundance of options available.

In Ottawa, there is a variety of delicious, freshly roasted coffee to discover.

Local, independent coffee roasters in Ottawa provide a unique experience and rich flavors you can’t get at ordinary chains.

So take your reusable mug and head to one of these amazing coffee roasters in Canada’s capital for a delicious cup of joe:

Here are the top six coffee roasters in Ottawa that every coffee fan should experience:

  • Little Victories Coffee
  • Bridgehead Roastery and Coffeehouse
  • Blue Barn
  • Happy Goat Coffee Company
  • Morning Owl Coffee Roasters
  • Equator Coffee Roasters

1. Little Victories Coffee

Little Victories Coffee, founded by two long-term friends, is one of the fastest-growing coffee roasters in Ottawa.

These lifelong friends were inspired to launch this rapidly expanding coffee roasting company in order to provide high-quality coffee to coffee connoisseurs in Ottawa and the surrounding area.

Jeremie Thompson is an accomplished barista who has been roasting premium coffee in Ottawa for over a decade.

Jeremie Thompson traveled to Central and South America to procure premium coffee beans. During one of his journeys to these places, he met Andrew Bassett, an accomplished coffee roaster.

They work with knowledgeable, trained, and pleasant employees to enhance the client experience.

Moreover, Little Victories roasts all of their coffee on a 15kg Loring Falcon with the cleanest burning and most steady heat. All of their merchandise is wrapped and labeled by respected packaging specialists.

Contact info:

Tel:  (613) 286-8647


Address: 801 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3V7, Canada

2. Bridgehead Roastery and Coffeehouse

Since its founding in 2000, Bridgehead coffee shops have proliferated around the Canadian capital region.

Every first Saturday of the month, the roastery, which is strategically located in Little Italy and functions as an industrial café, gives free tours of the facilities.

Bridgehead coffees are Fairtrade Certified, which implies that the company only works with small-scale farmers to obtain the highest-quality beans at rates that fairly compensate the farmers for their expertise and labor.

In addition, local farmers provide the majority of Bridgehead’s other products, including milk, honey, eggs, cream, and vegetables.

This rapidly expanding roaster in Ottawa employs a probat roaster to produce clean, high-quality roasts. Additionally, coffee aficionados might appreciate their signature murals.

The company has collaborated with other local companies. There are multiple Bridgehead stores in Ottawa.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 613-233-1221


Address: 130 Anderson St, Preston St, Ottawa, ON K1R 6T7, Canada

3. Blue Barn

Blue Bran coffee roasters was founded by a close-knit group of friends in Wakefield, Quebec. Their desire and motivation to produce premium roasts drew them together.

The name blue barn was derived from the first blue barn they constructed when they began their voyage in roasting.

Blue Barn employees are driven by their love for and fascination with coffee to create roasts that reflect their devotion. Blue Barn’s roasts also showcase the aromas of each area, lot, and coffee bean.

Its employees prioritize working hard while having fun. They maintain a solid rapport with farmers and other coffee enthusiasts in order to provide their customers with premium roasts.

Blue Barn employs a tried-and-true method to provide coffee enthusiasts with the greatest possible experience.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 819-282-8286


Address: 20 Chem. de la Vall. de Wakefield, Wakefield, QC J0X 3G0, Canada

4. Happy Goat Coffee Company

Pierre Richard, an enthusiastic coffee roaster, founded Happy Goat Coffee Company. Years later, Pierre Richard transferred his business to Ahmet Oktar and Henry Assad.

Dr. Hans Langenbahn, a passionate and knowledgeable roaster who takes delight in providing high-quality roasts, is employed by Happy Goat.

He works tirelessly to ensure that coffee aficionados in Ottawa receive value for their money.

Happy Goat is proud to provide a secure environment for all of its clients and staff. Employees at Happy Goat can express their concerns without fear of penalties.

Additionally, the organization encourages clients to offer comments in order to improve service quality and delivery.

It sources its beans from small-crop producers in Asia, Africa, and Central and South America, and produces specialty coffees that Ottawans adore.

Contact info:

Tel: +1 613-695-4628


Address: 326 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1M6, Canada

5. Morning Owl Coffee Roasters

Morning Owl Coffee Roasters is a well-known roastery as well as a coffee shop based in Ottawa. They offer fair prices for direct trade and organic coffee.

Since 2009, they have been the premier provider of organic, direct trade coffee in Ottawa. It is owned and run by independent franchise owners.

Additionally, Morning Owl has helpful and cheerful customer service and ships promptly. It is a reliable option for consistent, high-quality beans.

Contact info:



Address: 229 Armstrong St, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2W5, Canada

6. Equator Coffee Roasters

Equator, one of the most prominent names among Ottawa coffee roasters, is headquartered in the neighboring village of Almonte.

They have been providing Ottawa and the surrounding areas with premium roasts for quite a while. This coffee roaster is proud to serve as a link between the farmer and the coffee enthusiast.

The organization seeks to make the world a better place by roasting coffee beans sourced locally. Their desire to make the world a better place through coffee inspired them to develop the moniker Equator, which means to equalize.

Craig founded this rapidly expanding coffee firm in 1996, shortly after graduating with a degree in International Development. Craig launched the Equator to assist clients and began direct trade.

They also engage in cool activities such as the Seasonal Artist Coffee Project, which asks local artists to design the packaging for their seasonal blends.

Contact info:

Tel: 613 722 1919


Address: 412 Churchill Ave. N., Ottawa, ON K1Z 5C6


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